About us

Our objective is to deliver information which will help solve problems facing your company. We combine many years of experience gained through collaboration with the leading market research providers. Data collection and panel management are a complex process which we have perfected by eliminating the vulnerable points. All of this to deliver top quality data. Knowing how important it is to make fast and reliable business decisions, we are flexible in collaboration with our Clients and thus ensure excellent service.


What we do


We specialize in data collection and panel management. We support your business by asking the right questions to your existing or potential customers. We either select a group of respondents from one of our panels or we construct a panel dedicated especially to you. The size of the sample and type of study are tailored to your needs. Based on methodology we consider best for your project, we collect data and deliver precise information you need at a given moment. We present results in a format convenient to you, most suitable for drawing conclusions.

For Whom?

For those who shape marketing strategy in their own or their client’s organization, irrespective of the type of products or services you provide. Also for those who have never before had a market research carried out, believing it is expensive and complicated. It does not have to be so. Our experts will guide you through the entire process, optimizing the solutions for your business.
Each stage of the research requires high quality data to alleviate concerns whether the direction your company is taking will prove right in the market and answer consumer needs.

Our discussion panels

We strive for eliminating sampling errors, among others by reducing the possibility of choosing a wrong sample frame. Selection of a diverse but properly framed sample allows for reaching specific and often unconsidered communities. Survey participation and the number of invitations are controlled with strict rules which enhance the quality of answers obtained from consumers. Appropriately encouraged, not only in financial terms, respondents are more willing to participate in a diversified group panel regardless of their material or social status. These actions aim at increasing the representativeness of our panels, making them stand out from others.

Why are we different?

We know that quality matters most. Our experience gives us the ability to choose the appropriate sample – its size and structure as well as the timeframe of the research. We take responsibility for the results we deliver. We do not offer Access Panels where anyone can sign in, and thus we reduce the amount of potential threats, competitor tracking and the number of individuals who may skew the validity of results. We use behavioral data to reach hard-to-access groups.